Design furniture solutions

We “don’t just sell “ furniture, but we think of functionality and of the final result for every habitat.


All contemporary furniture are modular units

accordingly to design a furniture solution (kitchen, wardrobe, bookcase ,etc…) that respect your desires and the measures of your space, usually, doesn’t involve any additional cost; also, it’s possible to realize furniture design, non-standard production, knowing, in advance, their costs with a detailed estimate.

Delivery time

Since the early stages of negotiations, we inform about the possible delivery time, that it will be confirm when the client will find the final solution.


We deal with some of the best companies in the sector

to fulfill your furniture and complements, also in a personal way, allowing to obtain the handicraft quality with the vantages of series production.

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Following your requests and your home measures, we define an early design offer, using our experience and also, paying attention to costs.

Now the customer can understand the spaces at disposition, and according his desires, we value the different solutions, until reach the right result. The client is always assisted by specialist staff be able to follow him during every choice.

Once defined the project, we organize the relief of measures in place, without leave out any details, we have personally instructed our workers, that now have behind them, many years of experience.
The assembly of furniture isn’t an easy operation, but it is a difficult work that need professionalism and a lot of attention to detail.
Always the respect of your home is one of our principal priority. For this reason, our workers are careful not to create you disorder or damage.


Our assistance service includes advices of qualified personnel

coordination of work ensuring the proper performance.