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Arredamenti Marinoni with StudioArch/AgostinoMarinoni offer you the project of your new house, like an home thought at the beginning under all points of view.


To establish the costs of your house in the official contract is our priority, considering a safety margin before to build it.

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We identify, together, a real budget on the base of the customer needs and of our professionalism, considering all the major unforeseen and of the intervention complexity.

We dedicate the necessary time to the all parts of the project, in order to ensure quality and security of the time and costs.
We define, first of all, the project trying the better solution to agree your requests with the costs, and the contest, the weather conditions, the orientation, the internal spaces, the technologies, the regulations and the specific conditions. After, through an executive and accurate project, we develop all the building and decorative details necessary to build the house.

Now, we are able to define, with precision, all the costs of your restructuration and to do the choice
to respect the budget established early.[/expand]


Well in advance, we plan, together all the suppliers, the delivery dates to complete the single works, establishing strong penalties in the single contract, in order to permit you to enter in the finished house the estimated day.

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The integrated project (architectural, plans and decorative details) allows us to define, in advance, all the job specifications, with a lot of vantages.

We will take, in advance, all the necessary choice, like type of floor or taps etc…in order to eliminate unnecessary interruptions of works, that they will proceed shipped from beginning to end
in perfect synchrony.

that will give us more guarantees of reliability

after to have defined all the details and to have chosen the operators, we will prepare the necessary documents to obtain the title housing by the municipality.
All the technician and professional operators will help you.[/expand]


The use of quality materials is not sufficient, we guarantee you high attention to the detail for a correct use of the spaces, funishing, materials and technologies.


Your house will be very personal and even if new, it will be a story to tell, through the contest and your life style. The windows will be oriented to the best view, the roof will tilt to accommodate the sun and the shape of your house will model owing to the energy optimization, the relation with the contest, the adaptation to the ground, the functional program and your requests. All this, without never forget the relation with the cultural and habitat contest.


To make a building that consumes little energy depends, first of all, on the shape and on the orientation defined by the project, and after it depend on the materials and the technologies used. One project with this content, has already characterized of low energy consume.

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The energy requirements, or how much consume our build, will depend on several factors, but we can simplify saying that the true build with low consume, it is the house with the least possible plant.
It’s important to understand that the plant has organized on the bases of the house features(shape, exposition, isolation of the components….).
The plants are all the elements that done a “service” to the home. There are necessary plants, optional, and obliged plants. The former are: heating, plumbing, electrical and gas. The seconds are: home automation, video surveillance, alarm, swimming pools..The last; PV, solar..only until certain altitude.
We must remember that the house have to consume as little as possible.[/expand]

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  • the costs of the house: where you can save
  • the duties of the customer: what to do and when do it, not to slow down the works

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