Interior design

Spaces, furniture, finishes, plants and details thought, projected and developed contemporary and in the coordinated way, according to an initial idea shared with the customer.


The study and the discussion of each details, also through tridimensional technologies, to help the client to have the requested results, and to eliminate every doubts during the estimated moment.


The planning of the works has studied in advance, coordinating all the interested suppliers and in order to the customer needs without never compromise the quality of the work through contractual obligations very strong.


Detailed design of each element.

To use quality material is the base of our projects, from the furniture to coatings, through
the lighting and the plant, to obtain comfortable setting and of high profile.


The design team has composed by all the components and members of Marinoni Arredamenti
including Agostino Marinoni who with his StudioArch offers a complete network of all professional figures, necessary to complete the project.

Global Architectural Service

The close cooperation with StudioArch/AgostinoMarinoni, offers the possibility to intervene
with security in the furniture project, in the finishes, under the conceptual profile, architectural,
structural and for the plants.

Artisans & Great Brand

Craftsmanship of detail and product of very high quality are ensured by our network.
We work with international brand but also with artisans of high experience.

On-site assistance & coordination work

During all the phase of realization we offer direct assistance on-site, by qualified personnel,
to coordinate all the operations, ensuring the right execution.

Foreign Customer Service

An interpreter in English is available for foreign customers in order to help and guide the