Design and furniture supplies for operation of real estate development, companies and trade activities.


The right relation between quality and price has guaranteed by the union between crafts quality and industrial engineering of the companies with which we treat.

Delivery Times

During the first phase of budgeting, we fix clear timing with the customer, in coordination with any suppliers.


The best companies of the furniture industry.

The ‘contract’ service that we offer, includes the best companies of high range, that produce your furniture and complements, also with personal design, and they allow you to obtain the crafts quality with the vantages of industrial production.

Global Design Service

Beyond the complete product custom furniture, we cooperate with StudioArch/AgostinoMarinoni and thanks to this collaboration we can offer the professional support for the administrative and bureaucratic steps, and also we can advise the request creativity for the creation of a new concept.

On-Site support & Work Coordination

During all the realization steps, we offer direct on-site assistance by technical staff, to coordinate all the operation, ensuring the correct execution.