Full furniture

To design spaces means to sell and to assemble furniture objects, but to share a philosophy of environment, of personalized habitat, quality of life to became of daily use.


Budget always under control.

We prepare some detail estimate for each single room, in order every customer can optimize own budget.

Delivery Times

Forecast and control of the timing of delivery and assembly.

We give an estimate real date for the delivery of the furniture, based on experience and the delivery times of different companies.


We work with the best brands, but our real strenght is an high capacity of design, preparing more solutions, until reach our better offer.

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First of all, the customer says his requests and we present to him the wide range of available companies, explaining the various differences of finishes relative to the different price ranges.
In this moment the client understands the right type of product for him and we are glad to prepare projects and estimates.

For us, the first important thing is to design living spaces and comfortable. To optimize the space, the costs with elegant solutions, modern or classic is our experience.

In this phase, we present to the client the prepared projects that he can examine with our help and advice. He considers the potentiality of his spaces in relation with his desires. At the end , we reach together the best solution.

Once defined the project, we organize the relief of measures in place, without leave out any details., we have personally instructed our workers, that now have behind them, many years of experience. The assembly of furniture isn’t an easy operation, but it is a difficult work that need of professionalism and a lot of attention to detail.
Always the respect of your home is one of our principal priority. For this reason, our workers are careful not to create you disorder or damage.

After Sales Service

Law guarantee + general guarantee of our shop.

Of course, each single furniture product has covered by normal warranty of law of two years. In addition to this guarantee, every client will have the possibility to use our direct assistance for any problem.